Quiz: Hoe goed ken jij de tekst van de Songfestival-liedjes uit 2023?
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Quiz: Hoe goed ken jij de tekst van de Songfestival-liedjes uit 2023?

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Wij stellen je graag op de proef met deze moeilijke songteksten quiz! Test met deze vragen je kennis of jij de nummers goed kan meezingen morgenavond! Welke zin komt na de genoteerde zin? Onderaan de pagina vind je de antwoorden. 

1. There's a ghost in my body and he is a lyricist... (Teya, Selena - Oostenrijk)

A: It is Edgar Allan Poe and I think he can resist

B: It is Edgar from a Poe and he is also a lyricist

C: It is Edgar Allan Poe, and I think he can't resist

D: It’s not Edgar Allan Poe, because I think he can't resist

2. Violins playing and the angels crying… (Loreen - Zweden)

A: No, I don't care about them all

B: When the stars align then I'll be there

C: You're stuck on me like a tattoo

D: 'Cause this is not the end

3. I got the power of a unicorn… (Noa Kirel - Israël)

A: Out here on my own

B: That I won't look back, I won't look down

C: Don't you ever learn?

D: The power of a unicorn, the power of a unicorn

4. Remember when they tried to break us... (Gustaph - België)

A: Well, look at us now

B: You're not good enough

C: You got mee feeling wild

D: They'll never kill this fire

5. About how you did me wrong... (Mae Muller - Verenigd Koninkrijk)

A: And spent the night alone

B: Instead I wrote a song

C: And we all sing along

D: I could've cried at home

6. Toutes ces belles promesses que j'entends... (La Zarra - Frankrijk)

A: Évidemment

B: C'n'est que du vent

C: Car après l'beau temps vient la pluie

D: C'est c'qu'on oublie

7. Have you ever been alone too much... (Voyager - Australië)

A: Have you ever prayed for human touch

B: Have you ever just lost a little part of you

C: Have you ever just walked on out on your own?

D: Or are you coming right back for more?

8. You lift me up and leave me in the gutter... (Andrew Lambrou - Cyprus)

A: You tear me up and move on to another

B: You can't, you can't break a broken heart

C: I loved you but you loved to do me wrong

D: Science fiction turning into an addiction


Antwoorden: 1C, 2B, 3C, 4A, 5D, 6B, 7A, 8A

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